Now this is what I like to call a vintage post. Literally. This is from August (?) when we filmed our Blurred Lines cover. The photos make me laugh – big up iphone photos and instagram editing, haha!! I was originally launching my blog back then but thank god I didn’t if this was the quality!!

Regardless, it’s still a decent outfit. The tee is from a vintage store in LA which I had to cut as it was a bit of a dodgy shape. The skirt is Primani (Primark) and the gold thing you see wrapped around my waist is actually the chicest blazer you’ll ever meet – it’s bright and glittery with a black, floral print and huge gold, engraved buttons. It’s vintage and from Beyond Retro of course. The shoes are the Balenciaga rip offs from River Island when they first came out and the tights are Topshop.

Click here for our cover  > Only The Young – Blurred Lines



I’m sorry… I had a day off yesterday and went to see Taylor Swift and removed myself from all reality. Which was obviously a BAD idea as I ran into comments today asking where my blog post was yesterday. I thought I was just doing the everyday look thang until the end of the week… and then I read back on my posts and realised i’d said I would do it until Wednesday. I’m a reliable person – I promise!! I just got caught up in T-Swizzle and all her hotness. So to apologise, I’m gonna upload a look today and also show you a throwback post I put together last year when I was initially going to launch my blog!

This look however was just something I threw on to go to lunch but I really like it so you’ll probably see me in it again (sorry not sorry).

The jeans are just Topshop jeans that I cut up myself. If you want some knee-less, shredded jeans – just DIY it. Grab some old jeans and a pair of scissors and you’re instantly kewl. Cost efficient and at least you know the actual jeans fit you well. And the racoon tail is just a lil pressie I bought for my bag.. I got it on Ebay. The full outfit deets will be at the bottom.




Oh, and look how cool this is! My favourite toilet door of the month.


Jeans – Topshop X Betsy-Blue 😉

Bag – Chanel

Shoes – River Island

Racoon Tail – Ebay

Glasses – Stella McCartney


Hope the caption enticed you to check out this latest post. And yes, I’m well aware my birthday was 3 weeks or so ago.. but a great outfit never goes to waste on this blog. And I’m also well aware these photos are taken on an iphone and my polaroid – and are most definitely not blog worthy but I got 99 problems and that ain’t one. We’ll make an exception as it was my birthday and I can upload rubbish pictures if i want to (insert blushing emoji).


Every 18th birthday should come in hand with a bomb outfit and I hope I did that justice! I assigned myself a mission to find a matching top to this long, split, skirt I found in Savannah, Georgia (a really great shopping place surprisingly).  After a long two weeks of searching when I should have been napping on a sun lounger in Florida, I found this scandalously matching crop top in BEBE!!!!! Of all places. I’d been a fashion snob to Bebe for many years and hadn’t stepped foot inside their stores incase I fell victim to their bodycon, Herve Ledger wannabe dresses that I know would look great but… just no. I’m not a soap star. Or a wag.


I promise you I’m not that small… my friend just happens to be a 6 foot super model. Big up Maya Asare making her debut on It’s Thursday Tho?.

And just incase you wanted to know, I spent my party at Mahiki in London singing Whitney Houston songs on karaoke and diving into treasure chests in the motel room. Thanks to all that came. And didn’t punch me. I’m sure the screaming down the mic was a lot to handle.

So that was the birthday suit… I hope it inspires you if you’re struggling with an outfit for yours.

Skirt – Urban Outfitters

Top – Bebe

Belt – ASOS


Sorry to be fashionably late with today’s post guys… it’s been a very busy weekend indeed! So today’s look was basically just to show off my fave T-Shirt in the history of T-Shirts. I was obsessed with Kate Moss’s Playboy cover as soon as I saw it so when I was in Savannah, Georgia and there was a big Marc Jacobs store stocking these Playboy T-Shirts.. my life was complete.


The light grey colour goes perfectly with my fave pale pink winter jacket and my hair rings to edge it up.

I know I’ve said everything is my favourite in this post… but these are really my favourite pair of jeans too. I got them in LA last year and they are about 2 sizes too small but sometimes sacrifices have to be made in the name of lace up legs. Anything with a lace up detail has to be mine.  Especially a lace up jean. I also love a heel with a sock.. well heels and socks. Sheer socks are killing it this season.

T-Shirt – Marc Jacobs

Coat -

Jeans – Rag & Bone

Shoes – Topshop

Socks – Topshop

Hair Rings – Regal Rose




Hello my lil blog bunnies! Can’t believe we’re at day 3 already. The response has been so amazing and thank you for all those cuties sending me screen snaps of my blog on their homepage! It means a lot.

Now if you know me you’ll know that I’m obsessed with Disney. I mean Ariel is a babe and my ultimate fave but I loveeeee Minnie and Mickey and Donald and all the classics. If Disney and Chanel did a collab I would undoubtedly sell my car and my soul to buy the whole collection (or more likely 2 items from the collection as Chanel prices go).

For my birthday 3 weeks ago, a Minnie mouse cake was made for me and my Iphone is now sporting a very couture, Ariel case splattered with a few diamonds. It sounds  tacky. It’s really not. I’ll post a photo to prove it. Oh and remind me to blog a birthday post this week.. a great outfit should never go to waste even if it was 3 weeks ago!

Enough chitchat – this is my day 3 look.



I bought this dress  last year from an amazing lil vintage store I found called ‘Vulgar’ (link for their website will be at the end of the post). I also bought some crazy 90’s themed Bart Simpson shorts from them which is also pictured at the end of the post. But yeah, I’m obsessed with sheer long socks and they do the job perfectly if you want to edge up a pretty dress like this.




So basically:

Dress -

Necklace – NastyGal

Creepers – Forever 21

BeFunky_dnull_2.jpg BeFunky_null_1.jpg




As promised – I’ll be uploading a new look every day until next Wednesday including a few mini posts in between just for the launch of ‘It’s Thursday Tho?’. After next Wednesday I must decide a set rota… I’m thinking 2 looks a week? Give’us a comment on your thoughts.

So this look is very exciting to me as it includes my most favouristest present ever given to myself by myself (helped by my lovely family for my 18th). My Chanel ‘Boy’ bag. I waited for months for this grey colour to come out. There’s also a very dramatic story about when I went to buy it which I won’t bore you with.. but let’s just say i’m very glad it’s on my arm. I’m super obsessed with it, it has it’s own bed it sleeps in at night. No joke.




Anyway, this cool skort and white top is new in stores now so go grab ’em if you like.

Top – Miss Selfridge

Skort (skirt/shorts) – Miss Selfridge

Necklace – NastyGal

Hat – H&M

Leather Jacket – H&M

Shoes – Kurt Geiger

Bag – Chanel



So for a year now my blog has been awaiting it’s birth whilst I’ve been busy touring and recording the album. Such a patient lil babe it’s been. But it’s here and ALIVE and  I’ll be posting daily looks of myself, my friends and blogging about all thangs fashion and lifestyle in general (check out the ‘WHO IS SHE?’ page). And you’ll of course be updated on Only The Young shenanigans.

Here is my first official look of the blog and what could be a better welcome than a bright blue, printed, two piece?! (my signature attire – i’m always on the lookout for new two pieces). Information on where to purchase my outfits will also always be at the end of the post.
I also wore this amazing set to the ‘Mr Peabody & Sherman’  premiere I attended last week but roughed it up with a biker jacket and black boots.
Matching Set – ASOS (sold out within minutes but now available to buy on my Ebay store – )
Belt – ASOS
Boots – Topshop
Jacket – H&M
Betsy-Blue Necklace – (post to follow)