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So last night was the night the fashion industry waits for all year round…and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

metgalaThese were my favourite of the MET Ball 2015. Sienna Miller wears Thakoon, Beyonce wears custom Givenchy, Zendaya wears Fausto Puglisi, Kendall Jenner wears Calvin Klein, GiGi Hadid wears Diane Von Furstenburg.

And the winner is……..

ZENDAYA! Not only is this my favourite outfit of the MET Ball this year but maybe of them all. Sexy yet cute with a tonne of embroidery and gold! MY LIFE. The headband also completes this outfit.. she looks like a real life rock princess. Congrats Zendaya! 2850625100000578-0-image-m-74_1430790969890


So first up is the FOREO LUNA from Look Fantastic – this product removes makeup, impurities and pretty much exfoliates your skin making it radiant! I’ve been using it every day and not only do I look forward to using it as it feels so good on your skin but I have definitely noticed that my skin is so much softer. I would recommend cleansing your skin with it in the evening to make sure all your makeup from that day is completely removed – apparently, if you don’t take your makeup off your face will contain more nasty bacteria than a toilet seat. So not only is this super effective but most importantly it’s a really pretty hot pink colour… just kidding. But it is pretty!

Eat your heart of Kylie Jenner!! Next up is the ‘Pick Up Stxx’ set by DuWop also from Look Fantastic. lipThis product by far is one of my most favourite discoveries as it’s lip plumping without the surgery and dodgy bottle lid quick fixes (which may i just point out are super dangerous and not pretty when your lips end up purple and bruised!). This set includes an invisible, reversible lip liner which stops your lipstick and lipglosses going over the edge and also creates the illusional look of bigger lips without the dodgy lip liner lines that drive me crazy after a couple of hours when it goes all messy. It also includes 3 gorge colours, a coral, a hot pink, a dusty pink and the super plumping gloss that goes over the top. The lipsticks include ingredients that encourage the blood flow to your lips ultimately plumping them. They also taste SO good. Super minty. This set is supposedly £69 but on offer for £31.92.

nails2Finally we have the Instant Manicure by STYL. Usually I feel that the DIY ‘stick on’ nails look cheap and not my thing. However, I fell in love with these designs and had to try them. They actually look so natural on and and the designs are flawless – you wouldn’t be able to get them done that perfectly in a nail salon! For the first time, I’ve found DIY nail sets that don’t look tacky –  I definitely recommend buying these classy sets. nails




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I am SO sorry  that I haven’t posted in a couple weeks – Only The Young has just been so busy with Capital FM’s Summertime Ball promo. But I have something to make up for it that I’m sure you’ll be ever so pleased about… The lovely ladies at LAMODA sent me a gorgeous piece from their brand new jewelery line that has just hit the website today. But what’s better is that I have a special discount code for all my followers!! The code is – BETSYBLUE10 (in caps) and will give you 10% off from Friday 16th May (today) to the 23rd May. You have a week for to use this exclusive discount code and bag yourself some pretty bling thingsss. I’m obsessed with the range and will definitely be stocking up on some more of their chunky jewelled necklaces in all the colours. This is the link to buy my lovely IXIA NECKLACE IN BLUE -