Day 5 & Look 5 – Ma Birthday Suit.

Day 5 & Look 5 – Ma Birthday Suit.


Hope the caption enticed you to check out this latest post. And yes, I’m well aware my birthday was 3 weeks or so ago.. but a great outfit never goes to waste on this blog. And I’m also well aware these photos are taken on an iphone and my polaroid – and are most definitely not blog worthy but I got 99 problems and that ain’t one. We’ll make an exception as it was my birthday and I can upload rubbish pictures if i want to (insert blushing emoji).


Every 18th birthday should come in hand with a bomb outfit and I hope I did that justice! I assigned myself a mission to find a matching top to this long, split, skirt I found in Savannah, Georgia (a really great shopping place surprisingly).  After a long two weeks of searching when I should have been napping on a sun lounger in Florida, I found this scandalously matching crop top in BEBE!!!!! Of all places. I’d been a fashion snob to Bebe for many years and hadn’t stepped foot inside their stores incase I fell victim to their bodycon, Herve Ledger wannabe dresses that I know would look great but… just no. I’m not a soap star. Or a wag.


I promise you I’m not that small… my friend just happens to be a 6 foot super model. Big up Maya Asare making her debut on It’s Thursday Tho?.

And just incase you wanted to know, I spent my party at Mahiki in London singing Whitney Houston songs on karaoke and diving into treasure chests in the motel room. Thanks to all that came. And didn’t punch me. I’m sure the screaming down the mic was a lot to handle.

So that was the birthday suit… I hope it inspires you if you’re struggling with an outfit for yours.

Skirt – Urban Outfitters

Top – Bebe

Belt – ASOS