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Click the products to be instantly directed to the site to purchase. These are my genuine everyday products – I feel as though a lot of blogging sites cheat their readers by solely advertising products that they’ve been paid to. I would always want to be honest with you guys and hope these products can be a part of your life. ALSO, just a heads up – A lot of these products are discounted at the moment so grab them whilst you can!

Another part of my beauty regime is my Beauty Box from ‘Look Fantastic’. Every month they send out a box of products worth £65. My last one was the ‘Jet Setter’ box and it’s so useful as you can find out what beauty products actually suit you without splashing out a load of cash on wasted items that end up not working with your skin type. It’s also very exciting when it comes in the post as you never know what’s going to be in the box!11140463-2144392532120434


Last week I had a pretty deserved week off in Amsterdam. As I missed a couple blog posts – I thought I’d let you guys see some pics I took!

Finally wore my boop jacket! And obviously had to get a vespa to match! Also had a good window shop splurge on Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat (A street full of designer stores!) 


OH MY GOD… I FELL IN LOVE WITH THESE CHANEL PRINTED DOGS!! These were in an art gallery in the city centre – definitely going to recreate these ornaments.

Me and my boyfriend were also really cute and put a lock on this bridge… I am not a PARIS cliché!! Think it’s way cuter that Amsterdam has started their own lock bridge and we are probably around the 50th lock! 

One of my fave oufits of the trip – This is a Love Song – Drake leggings with my JO JO boutique Valentino tee and colour poppin’ timberlands. 

This just speaks for itself…

The Barbie’est of the Vespa’s!vespa


First of all I’d just like to say a massive thanks to one of my fans Emelene Kennedy for the cutest artwork of me in some of the outfits featured on this site and my instagram (@betsy_oty). You are truly talented!

photoMoving on – this is a post I’ve always wanted to do! I wanted to share with you some items in my wardrobe that I treasure.  I had a lot of fun doing a personal photo-shoot with these lovely pieces – they were great models! (haha)reupload3reup4Moschino Biker Bag

fave2fave3fave1Gucci Platfoms

fave8Betty Boop Vintage Jacket – Beyond Retro

fave5REUPLOADMarc Jacobs Playsuit

fave14fave15This jacket is particular special to me as I actually hand painted and embellished it with studs and glitter.

fave20fave19My beloved Chanel Boy Bag – I spent years saving up for this and finally purchased on my 18th birthday.

fave10fave11I found these vintage ‘TWINS’ boxer shorts in a vintage factory in West London and I CANNOT to wear them one day. I think they deserve a stage appearance. 

fave13fave12This is probably top of my favourite clothing items ever owned. I searched high and low for one of these for years and finally brought it from a private seller. I love it so much that I wore it for my first music video with Only The Young for our debut single ‘I Do’. 

fave16fave17Jeffrey Campbell lace up shoes. A firm favourite for years. Have had many appearances including my judges houses TV appearance. 


Sorry about missing last Thursday my luvs, it’s been crazy. Here is a lil outfit post though. So excited to wear my Rupert Sanderson lippy heals with this Chanel inspired suit/two piece. I don’t wear pink as much as i’d like to… long blonde hair + pink can usually be conceived as something ominous (the polaroid says it all). But the serious, pink suit is broken up by my tongue n cheek Betty Boop sequinned tee.  BTW, All these photos are taken on my polaroid just to mix it up a lil.


Jacket – Miss Selfridge

Shorts – Miss Sefridge

BB Tee – Vintage

Shoes – Rupert Sanderson