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Scroll through the look-book and purchase your faves just in time for Easter!


Last week I had a pretty deserved week off in Amsterdam. As I missed a couple blog posts – I thought I’d let you guys see some pics I took!

Finally wore my boop jacket! And obviously had to get a vespa to match! Also had a good window shop splurge on Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat (A street full of designer stores!) 


OH MY GOD… I FELL IN LOVE WITH THESE CHANEL PRINTED DOGS!! These were in an art gallery in the city centre – definitely going to recreate these ornaments.

Me and my boyfriend were also really cute and put a lock on this bridge… I am not a PARIS cliché!! Think it’s way cuter that Amsterdam has started their own lock bridge and we are probably around the 50th lock! 

One of my fave oufits of the trip – This is a Love Song – Drake leggings with my JO JO boutique Valentino tee and colour poppin’ timberlands. 

This just speaks for itself…

The Barbie’est of the Vespa’s!vespa