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A couple of weeks ago I did a shoot with the ever-so-on-trend, fashion brand Nobody’s Child.

For the shoot I completely styled myself in their new collection. Nobody’s Child focuses on the basic needs for everyday clothing with that fashion edge. The clothes are simple yet beautiful and made to flatter the body.

ALSO – Visit their website for the full interview and details on all the clothing I’m wearing in these shots. Click here. 

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Hello my blog babes’! So excited to share this shoot with you styled completely by ME.

In the past I’ve had some amazing stylists assist me on shoots – mainly because I was so busy working, I didn’t have time to ‘pull’ the clothes myself. However, now things are a bit more laid back for my and I’m the director of MY OWN career – I love nothing more than styling my shoots. It makes you feel so much more of a ‘use’ rather than just being the product of a photo. And of course -there’s nothing more important than feeling comfortable and how could you not when you’re styling yourself? That being said – I’ve recently been asked to style some pretty cool people (those I cannot name!). If I wasn’t so busy with my own career then I would totally love to do that. 20160216-04

Anyway, here is my most recent shoot with the incredible Faby & Carlo. I love working with these two, they capture every moment so tastefully as well as being the most incredibly kindest people I’ve ever met in my life. And of course a shoot with me would not be complete without the makeup maverick Kristina Theo! Kristina created my makeup looks and James Tarquin was on hair. Stay tuned for the next instalment of photos by this great team next week!
20160216-05Dress by Moka London (Kitsch & Honey PR) and shoes by Anthony Miles (Haddon PR)20160216-1620160216-20

One thing i’m loving at the moment is the concept of long/fancy dresses with the casual/flat shoe. Nothing works better – especially a bright shoe. It makes the dress that little bit less ‘serious’.20160216-2120160216-2620160216-28

Hair inspo from the 80’s baby!


Summer is approaching .. (well actually… Spring comes first – but lets just skip that part (even though i do love the easter bunny) and let’s pretend that the sun is on it’s way!). Summer for me represents one prominent thing in fashion… prints. What print is gonna be the big one this year? I’ve started early! 

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Love this matching set. I’ve always been a fan of matchy pieces and this comes with a difference! The long, split, skirt and loose, tie up crop top is sexy yet cool. Super boho and perfect for a holiday/festival! I’d buy this now and keep it in your closet until the sun shows it’s face – this style won’t be available for long! Even if you wanted to wear it now, you could definitely pull it off with some cowboy boots, an ovesized denim jacket and a trilby hat.

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Purchase here…

This cloud playsuit may look like some funky lingerie/PJ set but it is indeed outerwear. And I think it is ADORABLE. SO unique and could definitely see myself wearing this with some boho jewellery, a long coat/jacket and a cool hat like the style above. Has a very festival vibe to it. I cannot WAIT to wear this!
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So I recently did a shoot with the incredibly talented Stacey Clarke (click for her website) and my amazing Glam Squad Kristina Theodoris (makeup) and Charlie Wilkinson (hair). Here is the first series… keep your eyes peeled for next weeks second series with a completely different look! I’m loving this sci-fi/chic look. What do you think?  Oh.. and you can totally buy the whole outfit at the bottom of this post!!


‘Could you help me find a prom dress?’. This is a request I get emailed about pretty much everyday and I’m just a little bit excited to show you all my fave dresses that will make you look bangin’ at prom. I know prom for most if you is a little while off yet – but if you’re anything like me, you’ll be searching for your perfect dress months in advance! If you like what you see – click on the dress and it will direct you straight to the website to purchase.



Hello my lil blog bunnies! Can’t believe we’re at day 3 already. The response has been so amazing and thank you for all those cuties sending me screen snaps of my blog on their homepage! It means a lot.

Now if you know me you’ll know that I’m obsessed with Disney. I mean Ariel is a babe and my ultimate fave but I loveeeee Minnie and Mickey and Donald and all the classics. If Disney and Chanel did a collab I would undoubtedly sell my car and my soul to buy the whole collection (or more likely 2 items from the collection as Chanel prices go).

For my birthday 3 weeks ago, a Minnie mouse cake was made for me and my Iphone is now sporting a very couture, Ariel case splattered with a few diamonds. It sounds  tacky. It’s really not. I’ll post a photo to prove it. Oh and remind me to blog a birthday post this week.. a great outfit should never go to waste even if it was 3 weeks ago!

Enough chitchat – this is my day 3 look.



I bought this dress  last year from an amazing lil vintage store I found called ‘Vulgar’ (link for their website will be at the end of the post). I also bought some crazy 90’s themed Bart Simpson shorts from them which is also pictured at the end of the post. But yeah, I’m obsessed with sheer long socks and they do the job perfectly if you want to edge up a pretty dress like this.




So basically:

Dress - http://www.vulgarsheffield.co.uk/

Necklace – NastyGal

Creepers – Forever 21

BeFunky_dnull_2.jpg BeFunky_null_1.jpg