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Click the products to be instantly directed to the site to purchase. These are my genuine everyday products – I feel as though a lot of blogging sites cheat their readers by solely advertising products that they’ve been paid to. I would always want to be honest with you guys and hope these products can be a part of your life. ALSO, just a heads up – A lot of these products are discounted at the moment so grab them whilst you can!

Another part of my beauty regime is my Beauty Box from ‘Look Fantastic’. Every month they send out a box of products worth £65. My last one was the ‘Jet Setter’ box and it’s so useful as you can find out what beauty products actually suit you without splashing out a load of cash on wasted items that end up not working with your skin type. It’s also very exciting when it comes in the post as you never know what’s going to be in the box!11140463-2144392532120434


It’s not often that you see me without my studded leather jacket, or my silver calf-length booties. Or even my Chanel suspenders. But sometimes you gotta chill out… and when I got sent the ‘Good For Nothing’ womens collection, that’s exactly what I did. And I still felt pretty fashion forward at the same time. Of course, I still added my own touches – such as my retro beret and signature neck tie. GFN clothing is all about the comfort – as well as looking pretty cool at the same time. Sticking with the neutral black, grey and white palette – the collection oozes modern, chilled-wear and a lil bit of British heritage. We like that!GFNwithouthairgfn8gfn2“Gate Keeper Cropped Sweat”

gfn13gfn15gfn10gfn17gfn16 “Apollo Bomber Black”


gfn23“Apollo Cropped Zip Hood” and “Apollo Jog Pant”


On Thursday evening we attended the wonderful event Jog On To Cancer – hosted by James Ingham of the Daily Star at Kensington Roof Gardens. We all had a lovely night and raised a lot of money for a great cause.

For this formal event I wore a classy co-ord from Rare London. What stood out for me was the polo neck and ruched skirt making an almost ‘hoochy’ outfit that little bit more classy. If you have legs AND belly out I would definitely recommend a polo neck to break it up and look a bit smarter. The lycra was also very flattering! I added some strappy, leather cage heels and then couture’d the outfit up with a Chanel brooch.



It KILLS me to miss a Thursday but sometimes life is just way too demanding and reclusin’ it up in your bedroom for a couple hours having a whale of a time waiting for pictures to upload on wordpress just isn’t an option. I love my blog. I love posting on my blog. But I CAN’T STAND uploading pictures. I feel like I’m back on Bebo – the upload time on there was a joke but I didn’t care because I’d be ‘peeing my pants’ kinda excited to upload my filtered photobooth pics of the day.

Anyway, here is my blog post of the week. You may have seen a few pictures on my instagram from the night (which was a couple of weeks ago now)but ignore those – these are the proper pics ;). Well; as proper as you can get on an iPhone. It was one of those, ‘I don’t actually look too bad – quick mum, take a photo so I can blog this!’  moment.


The occasion was my friends concert at the O2 and a lil partying afterwards.

I teamed the dainty, lace bralet with a sleeveless tuxedo vest and my ripped jeans to boy it up a bit. Both the bralet and the vest are from Zara. Also, you can’t see them too well but my platform boots were made in heaven (hit up my instagram link on my homepage as i’m sure there’s pictures of them on there).