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A common problem ladies always face in winter is HOW to look chic when you just want to wrap up in 1000 layers! There would have to be a VERY good excuse to catch me wearing a skirt in this weather. But I seemed to make an outfit work today that I was proud of AND kept the chills away – the ingredients to keep me warm simply included leather on leather. Yesterday morning I woke up to my favourite package – a HUGE package from Goldie London! As most of you know – I adore their brand, their clothing is sleek, on-trend and actually made really well – the quality of the clothing is faultless. Anyway, the package included a fair bit of leather items… which created this…new7

So, everything I’m wearing in this outfit post comes separately – I’m not sure if the garments were actually made to work together but I decided to take a risk and make a VERY leather outfit including a leather shirt AND leather overalls – and it really WORKS. Also, when you want to wear a co-ordinating block colour – for instance ‘all black’, you need to commit to it (this means NO other colours at all… not even jewellery in my opinion) and expect to stand out. 

Tip:  A beanie ‘boys’ up and makes any outfit instantly casual. And keeps you warm of course.


I’m sorry i’ve been so distant in our relationship guys.. it’s not you .. its me. With all the craziness of the video being released, then being hacked and deleted (click for more info), then the stress of it being hacked and deleted, working out what to do – whilst doing gigs, and my laptop suddenly breaking there’s just been no time to blog this outfit that i put together for y’all and wore on Blue Peter last week. Click to watch our video here

This is definitely one of my favourite performance outfits yet – so cutesy but boy’d up a bit with my cropped leather and white creepers. Buy this EXACT outfit at the bottom of the post!!!!!! chanelruk8chanelruk7chanelruk4chanelruk5chanelruk3chanelruk2chanelruk1chanelruk



Happy 2015! 

Here’s my first look of the year with pictures shot by the incredible Carla Gea. I thought I’d let my Calvins have a day out and paired my Calvin Klein bra top with this nifty little skirt with cheated arms to make it look like I have a shirt wrapped around. Confession – my grandmother actually got me this skirt for christmas.

The shoes are another little cheat. They look super casual with the timberland, lace up look but have an extreme platform which adds height. They’re from one of my fave shoe stores LaModa – I’ll add all the details at the bottom of the post as usual.
IMG_5738IMG_5759IMG_5788 befunky_artwonjnnjrk.jpg

I hope you’re enjoying my new blog! Get ready for TONNES of newness – especially on my exciting new pages ‘Thursday Loves’ and ‘Thursday Babes’.

I’m off to Milan for my 19th birthday at the weekend and will be attending Fashion Week so be prepared for a truck load’a sequinned posts.


Bra – Calvin Klein

Leather Jacket – Tripp NYC

Skirt – Primark 

Socks – Adidas

Beanie – Topshop


Told you i’d commit every Thursday 😉

This isn’t really an outfit post – this is more of an ITEM post but treat it as you like.
BeFunky_null_ZXC1.jpgBeFunky__MG_2d360.jpg A few months ago I got this gorgeous oversized suit jacket with gold buttons emblazoned down the back from Never Fully Dressed. I’ve worn it a tonne of times as it jazzes up virtually ANYTHING but just got the chance to photograph it.

BeFunky_nulNBBEl_1.jpgSo here’s another online store that you’ll fall in love with to add to your list: www.neverfullydressed.co.uk – their pieces are super chic but very affordable! Love love love.


Lace Body – Forever 21

Velvet shorts – Sandro



I’m particularly happy about this blog post because for the first time in about 4 months.. I’m not wearing my ripped jeans! My friends will be thanking the heavens when they see this post – I probably smell really bad… I mean, those jeans are worn pretty much every day. What’s made me even happier is that I’ve found a pair of ‘Mom Jeans’ that actually suit my figure. Being a little on the short side – it’s hard to pull off baggy jeans as they can make you look like you’re drowning in a sea of denim. These are super flattering though and come with a cute belt – how generous of River Island! My only  nay with these jeans is that they’re lacking a bit of ‘rip’… I know, I’m obsessed… *inserts monkey covering eye emoji* .. *gets scissors out*.


This white bustier/structured bralet kinda thang was bought to wear under a sheer dress but it actually looks pretty nice as a simple crop top with jeans – to spice it up a bit I put a black lace bralet underneath and a silver body chain over the top.

IMG_3389IMG_3390 copyIMG_3387

Big loves to Bridie Florence too for these awesome pictures! Check her out guys.

IMG_3364 copy


White Structured Bustier – Mango

Black Lace Bralet – Urban Outfitters

Glasses – Beyond Retro

Jeans & Belt – River Island

Body Chain – River Island



Hurrah! It’s Thursday! Lets cut the small talk and just lust over this amazing Church inspired matching set from Motel. What’s great about this set is that the top and the skirt look just as good individually too. Embellishing this outfit is the most perfect fringe bag from the gorgeous La Moda.  I can’t wait to rock this bag at the festivals this year.

IMG_2979 copyBeFunky_img no violetO.jpgIMG_3043IMG_3052 copy


Most importantly – these pictures were taken by the ever sooo talented Bridie Florence.

Matching skirt & top – Motel Rocks

Bag – La Moda

Jacket – H&M jacket

Flower Crown – Crown & Glory

Shoes – A very random shop in Crawley quite a while ago.. but I’m pretty sure you can get them everywhere now



It KILLS me to miss a Thursday but sometimes life is just way too demanding and reclusin’ it up in your bedroom for a couple hours having a whale of a time waiting for pictures to upload on wordpress just isn’t an option. I love my blog. I love posting on my blog. But I CAN’T STAND uploading pictures. I feel like I’m back on Bebo – the upload time on there was a joke but I didn’t care because I’d be ‘peeing my pants’ kinda excited to upload my filtered photobooth pics of the day.

Anyway, here is my blog post of the week. You may have seen a few pictures on my instagram from the night (which was a couple of weeks ago now)but ignore those – these are the proper pics ;). Well; as proper as you can get on an iPhone. It was one of those, ‘I don’t actually look too bad – quick mum, take a photo so I can blog this!’  moment.


The occasion was my friends concert at the O2 and a lil partying afterwards.

I teamed the dainty, lace bralet with a sleeveless tuxedo vest and my ripped jeans to boy it up a bit. Both the bralet and the vest are from Zara. Also, you can’t see them too well but my platform boots were made in heaven (hit up my instagram link on my homepage as i’m sure there’s pictures of them on there).



Sorry about missing last Thursday my luvs, it’s been crazy. Here is a lil outfit post though. So excited to wear my Rupert Sanderson lippy heals with this Chanel inspired suit/two piece. I don’t wear pink as much as i’d like to… long blonde hair + pink can usually be conceived as something ominous (the polaroid says it all). But the serious, pink suit is broken up by my tongue n cheek Betty Boop sequinned tee.  BTW, All these photos are taken on my polaroid just to mix it up a lil.


Jacket – Miss Selfridge

Shorts – Miss Sefridge

BB Tee – Vintage

Shoes – Rupert Sanderson