Tis a Two-Piece!

Tis a Two-Piece!


This is living proof that I WILL upload a look on a Thursday. Last week was crazy random and I ended up spending a couple of days in Newcastle too (one of those days being THURSDAY meaning I was unable to make love to my blog).

This was an outfit I wore last week that was meant to be uploaded. As most of you know, I’m obsessed with matching sets – it’s my signature thang in the band so imagine my joy when i found a jumper-themed two piece that wouldn’t leave me freezing. AND with a flannel/tartan’y print. I teamed it with a classic trilby and some biker boots. I’m not usually an earring person but I sourced these vintage style beasts and I’m now addicted to them. They  just make everything look a little more feminine. BeFunky_IMG_8739_2.jpgBeFunky_IMG_8766.jpgBeFunky_dnull_3.jpgBeFunky_nknull_3.jpg


Newcastle is pretty good by the way. I was able to christen my Bebe spandex dress as the girls there make a huge, hot effort for their nights out. And a huge shout out to the lovely Only The Young fans that I met during my time in Newcastle. I also babysat some guinea pigs last week.



Jumper – H&M

Skirt – H&M

Boots – River Island

Bag – Chanel

Chain – NastyGal