Whilst ‘it’s Thursday tho?’ may sound like a ”I’m trying to be a kooky, tumblr girl!” kinda name, it actually bears a lot of meaning to this blog and who I am. ‘It’s Thursday though’ is in fact a really irrelevant lyric from a song my old band and I wrote.¬†Proud to say we were finalists on the X Factor UK 2014. But you probably already knew this, haha.

I’m 18 and I’m fortunate to be in a situation where I have the freedom to dress up and wear what I want almost every day. What i’m saying is… I have to basically put an outfit together and try to look acceptable every day of the week. Even on a Thursday and no one cares about Thursday. Sorry Thursday. Since leaving my convent school and my ankle length skirt and teal blazer behind… I’m now in a job where expressing myself is encouraged and I feel there is no better time to start a fashion blog.

But what sets this blog apart from most fashion blogs is that you’ll see my love for both music and fashion combined. The majority of my blogging content will be fashion but you’ll also get an added update on music¬†shenanigans. Expect hasty outfit posts from tour buses, and features on fabulous people I meet along the way of my musical journey – along with a lot of leather, lace, Moschino and (faux) fur of course.


Fashionable Regards,


P.S. it’s actually Sunday..